Environmental Friendly


Compliant with all federal requirements. Some of our initiatives include waste reduction, recycling and friendly packaging solutions.

Committed to eco-design, and reduced energy consumption

CFC’s polyurethane insulation, highpressure injected with density of 40 Kg/m3. Use of R-134a & R-404A refrigerants

LED lighting, reducing energy consumption by 90% compared to traditional fluorescent lights.

Oversized Condensers & Evaporators to improve energy efficiency and performance.

Coated Condensers & Evaporators with anticorrosion material to prevent leaks.

Latest compressor generations for high efficiency and lowest noise levels.

Hot gas defrost.

Triple magnetic chamber gasket to avoid cold lost.

Automatic defrost system.

High efficiency EBM fan motors.

Double & Triple tempered glass door with Argon gas.

We have an extremely experienced history in making graceful & quality products that enhances and preserves the food to the highest quality possible.


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